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What happens when kids spend time outdoors, under the trees? They are better able to concentrate, complete tasks, and follow directions. Contact with nature helps kids develop imagination and creativity, helps their intellectual development, and helps them build social relationships.

In this new public service announcement created with a grant from the U.S. Forest Service, learn how trees work to help kids achieve greatness by spending time outside.

John Goodman for Trees Work

Is that actor John Goodman talking about how Trees Work? You bet it is. A fellow Missourian from Affton, John talks about how our trees and forests benefit our daily lives. He recorded three 15 second spots and three 30 second spots on how Trees Work 24/7, how trees work for kids, and how without trees, hide and seek . . . would just be seek.John Goodman

Trees Work Audio PSAs

Our other public service announcements highlight different ways trees work to shape your daily life. The ads highlight over 15 ways trees work for your family, your health, your wallet, the community, the environment and the economy. Listen now for over 15 surprising and inspiring ways Trees Work for you!


Trees Work for Your Family!

Trees Work Video

MDOC_ TreesWork_15sec_Spot_1.mp3

John Goodman 15sec spot 1

MDOC_ TreesWork_15sec_Spot_2.mp3

John Goodman 15sec spot 2

MDOC_ TreesWork_15sec_Spot_3.mp3

John Goodman 15sec spot 3

MDOC_ TreesWork_30sec_Spot_1.mp3

John Goodman 30sec spot 1

MDOC_ TreesWork_30sec_Spot_2.mp3

John Goodman 30sec spot 2

MDOC_ TreesWork_30sec_Spot_3.mp3

John Goodman 30sec spot 3


MDC Trees Work spot 1


MDC Trees Work spot 2


MDC Trees Work spot 3


MDC Trees Work spot 4


MDC Trees Work spot 5